Buying Investment Property


Are you tired of poor returns on your investments in CD's and mutual funds? Consider investment property as an exciting alternative. In today's market, I command high rents and pay low interest rates, giving considerably higher returns than traditional market investments. Let's find the right property for you and I can even manage it for you.

There are many bargains available if you know where to look. I have years of experience and a proven track record to bring to the table.

Give me a call and we can discuss your financial goals and dreams.

Renting your property

Multifamily investment properties can be an extremely profitable and rewarding additon to any financial portfolio. At the same time, managing multiple tenants can become quite time consuming and frustrating. I have owned and managed many multifamily properties from duplexes on up for over a decade. The knowledge and experience I have gained has been invaluable. My expertise managing multifamily properties will help you protect your investment while maximizing the returns. Just bring me the keys and let me deal with it!

I specialize in efficient property management while keeping the owner's bottom line in mind.